Landscape Development Plan

Download the Windhoek Green Belt Landscape Strategic Co-management & Development Plan

Framework from which to develop management policies and approaches:


To promote, support, and facilitate the co- management and development of the Windhoek Green Belt Landscape for enhanced landscape and biodiversity conservation and socio-economic development.


To improve the common conservation of the Khomas Hochland specific biotope , wildlife, biodiversity, and  socio-economic development.

Member driven priorities

  1. Improved communication: Telecom, MTC, Leo, and private radio system
  2. Improved fire fighting, management and co-operation of the farmers
  3. Combat bush encroachment, alien and invasive species
  4. Investigate culprits of water pollution along Okapuka and Augeigas rivers and any other pollution  affecting members in the Greenbelt complex with the aim of a cleaner environment.
  5. Legal analysis of possible infringements on WGBL members  in terms of greater Windhoek developments in the next  5,10 and 20 years 
  6. Control of illegal settlers
  7. General crime protection:
  • Stock theft
  • Illegal fire wood collection
  • Illegal hunting
  • other
  1. Research and development of:
  • Proper electronic and dynamic mapping system with a multitude of information like: fences, water points, roads vegetation, houses etc. as basis  for any future common planning goals
  • Inventory in terms livestock, game, domestic animals
  • Cross-border fauna and flora management
  • Integrated land use and planning
  • Waste management
  • Environmental education (raise awareness & educate)
  • Explore common tourism possibilities as  parallel fund generator  to be able to run the complex after 5 years and for job creation
  1. Socio economic development:
  • Human health
  • Education
  • Job creation
  • Transport coordination within the landscape
  1. Marketing: Website, Sign boards and information centers for tourism activities inside the WGBL area

What do we know?

  • Observation: We don’t know very much!
  • Action: We need to fill in several  questionnaires with relevant questions, to create an inventory of what we have.
  • Conclusion: Without committed input from the farmers, we cannot plan strategic budget allocations for our common advantage. We want to improve the overall complex and common goals to the advantage of every member.

What do we need to find out:

  1. Current status of the Fire Management system per farm
  • Fire pumps
  • Water tanks
  • “Feuerklatschen”
  • Farm maps
  • Farm water points suitable to fill up tanks
  • List with telephone numbers
  • Common Radio system and frequencies
  1. Current status of bush encroachment/alien and invasive species
  • Size of area
  • Type of bush
  1. Current status of security in the landscape
  • Most critical area of Stock Theft
  • Most critical area of illegal Hunting
  • Most critical areas of illegal wood gathering
  • What systems are in currently in place
  • Critical areas of illegal settlers
  • General crime: point of entry, routes they like to take, etc.
  1. Fencing
  • Game fence above 2 meters on borders and game camps
  • Game fence 1.2 meters on borders and game camps
  • Jackal-proof fences on borders and game camp
  • Stock proof fencing on borders and internal?
  1. Animals on farm
  • Number and estimation of different game species
  • Number of cattle, sheep, horses, goats, pigs, donkeys.
  • Number of any other domestic animals
  1. Water points on farm
  • Ground dams, windmills, etc.
  1. Farm buildings, type of business, amount of people living on the farm

How? Plan of Action

  1. Gather data and information, conduct studies, analyze, carry out surveys
  2. Create sustainable solutions
  3. Develop action plans for improvements from July to December :
  • Improved overall Communication 
  • Improved fire management 
  • Control: Poaching, stock theft, wood gathering, crime
  • Action for improved water quality and against pollution
  • Combat bush encroachment and alien species
  • Create transparency of City of Windhoek expansion plans.