The Windhoek Green Belt landscape is situated in the central Khomas Hochland Plateau area of Namibia to the west of Windhoek, Namibia's capital city. Lying approximately 1,650 m above sea level, the landscape covers about 760 km2.

Within the landscape are several State and freehold farms as well as one State-owned protected area - the Daan Viljoen Game Park. The farms are used for game and cattle ranching, hunting and tourism.

The vegetation of the landscape is predominantly  tree and shrub savanna.

The landscape and its surrounds have high species diversity as a result of the diversity of habitats (including mountains, valleys, open veld, riverine and permanent water sources) as well as its geographical location between different biomes and vegetation types. However, the area is fragile and the potential for environmental degradation and biodiversity loss resulting from human activities is high. A number of threats to the environment have been identified and minimising and mitigating the effects of these requires proactive managment.

In light of this, the vision of the landscape management is to promote, support and facilitate the collaborative management and development of the Windhoek Green Belt Landscape for enhanced landscape and biodiversity conservation and socio-economic development.

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