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    Law Enforcement Brochure - roads-camping-littering-fires-trespassing

    Given the capacity of the area’s tourism, the stakeholders within the Greater Sossusvlei-Namib Landscape (GSNL) are confronted with management issues related to the tourism industry. These issues are specifically related to the conduct of the tourists in the area, and strict management implementation is necessary to uphold the environment and socio-economic status of the area. In pursuit of this, the landscape recognised the need to enhance law enforcement capacity in the area i, with the emphasis on educating NAMPOL on the relevant laws applicable to the regulation of tourism activities within the landscape, as well as on how the landscape members can complement NAMPOL’s efforts by exploring what powers landscape members have in terms of the law.
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  • Namibia Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment

    Ministry of Environment and Tourism. 2008. Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment Namibia. Final Report

    Vulnerability and Adaptation assessment to climate change carried out in preparation of the Second National Communication in meeting Government’s obligations to the UNFCCC. The report addresses the vulnerability of the water and agricultural sectors to climate change, and suggest adaptation measures to cope with the expected impacts. Vulnerability is placed in the socio-economic contexts of rural areas, in particular the Karas and Caprivi regions.
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